Django Quick Setup

Here is a quick setup guide for getting Django up and running on OSX using Python 3.5. It does assume that you have homebrew installed.

Install Python 3

To check if you have python installed, type the following:

$ python3 --version
>>> Python 3.5.X

If not found, type:

$ brew install python3

Once the install completes you can again type:

$ python3 --version
>>> Python 3.5.X

Upgrade Pip

$ pip3 install --upgrade pip

Install Virtual Env

$ pip3 install virtualenv

Install Virtual Env Wrapper

$ pip3 install virtualenvwrapper

Create a New Virtual Env

Create a new directory for your Django app and a new virtualenv using virtualenvwrapper.

$ mkdir testApp
$ cd testApp
$ mkvirtualenv testEnv

Anything you install while testEnv is activated will be specific to testEnv.

Install Django

$ pip3 install django

Create a New Django Project

$ django-admin startproject my_rad_site

Run Your New Project

$ cd my_rad_site
$ python3 runserver

Now if you open you should see the default Django page!

Maybe in a future blogpost I will go into some details of the setup and customization that can be done, but for now we at least have our environment set up.

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