The Time Is Now For Christian Pulisic
Devin Skrade

I really don’t want to talk bad about players but here is so much truth to the shortcomingsand the lack of competivness, aggresivness and attack skills of Michael Bradley that we need to believe that there are better options somewhere. To me Michael Bradley is the so heralded, and laudated american “second coming” of another famous player with the intials MB who captained a German Team to no success and a period of very ugly, mechanical play. Michael Ballacks insistence on playing did cost some young very talented german players significantly development and might have blown 2010 South Africa for the team. It is high time for the USMNT to find some kids here in that position, and for extra icing on the cake: change that MS format to be more competetive and less money orientated. Themoney will come if you let people develop with talent first and give them the chance to raise through the leagues.

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