School: Fun or Living Nightmare

For some school brings a place away from home or time away from their parents. But is this really all this is? Teens experience more stress in school than at home. In the article “ Teens and Stress: Bad Habits Begin Early,” they give compelling evidence that school puts stress students. One statement that caught my eye was “More than a quarter (27%) say they experience ‘extreme stress’ during the school year, vs. 13% in the summer. And 34% expect stress to increase in the coming year.” These are big number in a student’s life, because it says school is the main cause of stress in their life.

I’m sure we all can relate the school stress. My main cause of stress comes from school, especially when one of my English professor’s doesn’t give feedback on a rough draft, when the revised essay is due in a couple of days. It’s like how are we supposed to have enough time to revise our drafts how the limited amount of time when the professor finally gives the rough draft back. Or when a math teacher assigns 70 a night for homework. This is why we students are stressed, also let’s not forget the stress from our parents to do well in school. So I ask, what do you think of this stress.

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