We’re looking for a digital marketer — join us!

Daily Bits Of is a Stockholm-based startup with a mission: to make learning fun and frictionless. Rooted in the naive belief that learning makes the world a better place, a psychologist, a developer and a former journalist founded the company in 2014 with the ambition to give people an easy way to learn something new every day.

We offer micro-courses on personal development. Our course creators are TED talkers, companies, thought leaders, authors, etc. They use our service because it’s a smart and easy way to package content that could reach millions of people eager to learn and work on their personal development.

The main challenge we’re facing is making it super-easy to create courses that actually lead to lasting behavior change and to deliver those courses in a frictionless yet addictive way.

This is why we need you on the team.

What we’re looking for

Some might call this position Growth Hacker, some CMO, some Data analyst. We’re not too fond of titles, so when you join us you can pick one yourself. Regardless of what you call it, your job could be summarized in one word: Growth.

Together with our CEO, you will focus on growing our user base, thus growing our business. This should be done in a smart, creative and data-driven way. This is why we value experience such as:

  • Working with Mixpanel, Google Analytics or similar
  • Mapping out user journeys
  • Data analytics, and counting on measures like CLTV, etc.
  • The pirate metrics
  • Copywriting (in English)
  • Setting up and testing hypotheses
  • Ideation
  • Visualizing data
  • Creating and evaluating digital marketing campaigns

Looking at the skillset above could make you think that we’re looking for a Swiss Army Knife. It’s not crucial that you tick every box. However, it’s crucial that you’re open to learning any kind of skill that might make your work better.

The position will be fulltime (40 hours/week) and you will be working from our office in the heart of Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden.

What we’re like

Our founders have (at least) three things in common:

  • They are curious;
  • They are doers;
  • They are humble.

We love creative work, and people at Daily Bits Of should never be afraid of working with other people, riffing off and building upon other people’s ideas. We’re doers which often means that we get shit done, rather than make it perfect. Working with us, you shouldn’t be afraid of getting your ideas out there and test them on our users.

At Daily Bits Of, we work in periods of six weeks (called cycles) which always include a planning phase, a work phase and a test and evaluation phase.

Since we’re exploring areas like machine learning and chat bots, it’s important that you’re open-minded and not afraid of pushing yourself into learning new things and meeting the people who might sit on important knowledge that could help us.

Our process

Submit your application anonymously via this Google form.

We want to know you better, still without using too much of the prejudice that lives in all of us. That is why we ask all candidates at this step to perform a set of tests covering personality, fluid intelligence and behaviour. The tests will be administered by our CEO who is a trained psychologist with experience in psychometrics. If your profile fits, you will be asked to move to the next step.

Prior to the interview, we will ask you to show us something that you’ve done or to solve a task that you submit to us before the interview. During the interview, we will talk about what you submitted and we will have a chance to ask each other questions. Our interview opportunities are approximately an hour and a half and can be done via Skype or at our office in Stockholm.

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