On the “But I have a black friend!” defense

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Middle school students are wonderful. They have this endearing way of illustrating the depravity of man. You make a set of rules for them, and they will follow it to the letter. They will dot their i’s and cross their t’s, especially if that means they get to break the spirit of the law, while obeying the letter.

When we were at summer camp years back, we made a rule — more for our own sake, than for theirs. No shoes inside the cabin. We don’t want the floor getting wet and muddy. I watched in horror one day, as one of the students stood on my co-leaders pillow with sopping wet muddy feet. …

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I deeply suspect many of the stories we’ve read about in the past few weeks stem from racial hatred. And let it be known, Christianity has no room for hate.

But I want you to think about this. …

Mercy Triumphs over Judgement

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“What has been done in broad daylight, must be judged in broad daylight. But not by the governments, or the courts. No, the government itself would never bring justice for cases such as this. And so, we gather here today to secure our own justice.

That this could happen in our time, in our civilized society! Even to speak of it causes our jaws to drop in shock. And yet, are we so surprised to find this happening, given who holds office? He turns a blind eye to it, and therefore encourages it in our society.

I speak, of course, of adultery.

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