This is a long response to a lot of individual quotes, but long story short this masturbatory…
Lars Erik Benson

LEB, 1st, I don’t think the author was demonstrating fear at non-christian or atheist candidates so much as indicating the “story” if Bernie had actually won the Primary (Pence probably would have been the most prominent “face” for that element of the republican’s dirty tricks campaign- and yes; they absolutely have a well-oiled machine to go there. They don’t even need a kernel of truth to make it work).

As to some of your other points, I think Sasha was trying to be very clear to distinguish between Bernie supporters who made it about Bernie and the ”Revolution” and those who, as you indicted about yourself, are more pragmatic about achieving overall political goals. To the extent that’s true, I think she was maybe(?) trying to distinguish some millennials, as well.

And it’s hard to say as a whole, how many that might actually encompass. I recall hearing that overall voting totals were down, across the board but there was definitely a dip for millennials. IF that was true in key States AND some who did vote, voted 3rd Party, then, that combined with R voter suppression and election fraud would have been enough to flip States which gave trump the electoral college. To my pragmatic self, that would seem to be a VERY EXPENSIVE, gotta-be-me moment, to the extent it was part of the equation.

As for policy issues… we ALWAYS cover policy… unfortunately it isn’t always covered by the Press. The Democratic Party is the only viable choice for liberal and progressive policies in this country. And we usually deal with “policy” by contacting our elected officials, our candidates, heads of local or national political groups… same as always. It’s just that it’s much easier and quicker nowadays.

Sorry for my own long response to your long response… one last thing; as Shasha alluded to, one very significant reason that A**hole Nixon was elected was because of the Country’s reaction to the actions and rhetoric of some of the members of MY generation. And my thoughts on that have come to be that Nixon was the daddy of the modern republican party; paranoid, delusional, lying, manipulative and narcissistic. Some say his was also the election that 1st started shifting the FDR Democratic coalition out of significance.

So- old song: “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone. They paved paradise and they put up a parking lot.”

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