Internet Explorer fee

I’m not a front-end developer, so creating a webpage’s front-end is really hard task for me especially when I’m trying to develop cross-browser one.

At one of the my side-projects I managed to create a small business for my evil e-commerce ideas. After I beat some of my competitors and getting them out of business I felt more comfortable and I started to do some experiments and one of them was Internet Explorer fee.

More pain = More gain

Because of the type of service that I’m selling my clients are mostly power-users(in terms of social media/tech usage).

However, I managed to get 40 orders from Internet Explorer users so my hard work to making my website cross-browser is kinda paid off.

After 3 months, even my PayPal button explains the pricing well already, one of my customer(IE user) asked to me “Why I’m paying more than my friend?” and I explained to him and he is a Chrome user right now!

Here’s the results of my experiment in financial aspects.

// Most of the orders are not from recurring users so percentage of IE users are same on my website that’s why I’m not sharing it.

total price of 40 orders at their normal price: 840$

total money that I get (includes Internet Explorer fee): 1176$

For the sweetest 336$ of my life, I owe a big thank you to all IE users.

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