E-Letter: 24-Apr-2015

The Compilation of Cool Things I Find and Share

A lengthy read, but well worth it. Definitely an interesting 50 minutes.

Given the immanent nature of my Boston road trip, I felt like this was a particularly important thing to share with the significant other. Some really great points in here, most of which we were doing already, but it’s never too late to have a great time sitting in a car together for the next 10 hours!

I made that sound not nearly as fun as it is going to be.

This has been a big one for me this week. Not because I want to change jobs — in fact, quite the contrary — I have made the decision to stick with my start-up and that comes with some serious mental dilemmas, and some tough choices, but inevitably, I felt it was the right decision.

Particularly, because I’m learning. A lot. Not necessarily about the fine details of Mechanical Engineering, but surely about the fine details of entrepreneurship, business, design, marketing, sales, and all the other things that go into running a business. Which is worth more I think.

Things I love about this:

  • Coffee
  • Actionable advice
  • Product Design
  • Fun pictures

One of my fave reads this week. Definitely a “recommend” for me.

I’ve been following Matty Mo for quite some time. He’s flippin’ hilarious. And it’s awesome that some of the crazy antics he gets up to are starting to get some attention.

Love this.


Gary Vaynerchuck is the kind of guy you love to hate.

Mostly, because 90% of the time, he’s right. And I hate that about people.

Just kidding. But not really.

He is definitely a boss when it comes to working hard, and picking the right things to work on.

Learning to respect your haters is tough, but Gary lays it out like it is. Mucho respect amigo.

Big investments in the travel ring! Love it.

Things I love about this article:

  • every single section makes me want to jump out of my chair and applaud the correctness of the statement
  • it’s about food — who don’t love food?
  • Life skills man, and taking responsibility!
  • Really I just love the whole thing. Mucho love.

Read it. Do it.

That’s all for this week — thanks for reading!


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