“You’re just a recruiter.” Why thinking that you only hurts you!!

I get this comment from time to time so I wanted to take a brief moment of you’re day to chat about it. I know you’re busy but enjoy the read.

It’s a common misconception that working with recruiters, head hunters, talent acquisition…how ever you want to call it…is a waste of time. Many people do their absolute most to try and work AROUND recruiters. Once they find out the name of the hiring client they’ll search for their “careers page” or “HR dept” and totally skip out on the recruiter. So here are a few things that you may not know about why you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

  1. It’s absolutely FREE for you to work with a recruiter! As a job seeker you have absolutely zero out-of-pocket when you work with a recruiter. You’re at a zero loss and 100% gain working as a team.
  2. Third party validation. There is nothing more powerful than someone else making YOU look good!!! That’s what a recruiter does, their success depends on highlighting your best qualities and presenting the best side of you to the client. Who would’t you want someone promoting you in the best possible way!!??
  3. You control exposure. The greatest thing about working with a recruiter is the relationship. Get to know the person who only wants you to succeed!! Tell them what your strengths are, and most importantly, tell them what you really don’t like. You control who you get in front of, the recruiter simply maximizes the power of YOU!

Here at Archon Recruiting LLC these are the 3 fundamental reasons that motivates us everyday! If you can identify with these points and are looking for a change in your career environment shoot me an email or message!! If you know someone you think we could help…SHARE this article!! We’d love to connect and get to know you.