Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

I’ve lost respect for republican friends who downplay everything Donald does, saying most of it is invented by the “liberal” press. They excuse everything thing he says, has said, does, and has done: every moral and business failure.

It’s me who isn’t appalled by behavior and habits they have always judged. Now they accept and defend everything they have spoken against — if Donald has done it.

They’re infuriated, I believe, because they’ve lost “their” righteous highground, which they never really had, but which they told themselves, each other, and everyone else they were holding. This is a face-losing, even life-changing, loss.

I can’t explain anything to them because they’re so full of lies and distortions; they dismiss everything I say as based on lies by the press that I ignorantly believe. Stalemate.

If they want to know how I can support Hillary, they’ll need to look beyond the hate mongering of Fox and OAN and the conservative press for the truth. And I think they never will.

It’s not the people that they hate that I support: it’s the people they really are. I respect and admire the Clintons, not the least for how they’ve held up against twisted truths, cruelly-slanted stories, and lies for decades. @

There’s a leadership vacuum in the Republican Party. Where are the republicans who could admit the truth and condemn the lies? Some pop out here and there, but it looks to me like they head for cover soon after. Too little too late to lead. Their voters are steering the ship — of fools.

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