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Partnering with the folks that made FHIR

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Over the past decade, we found ourselves with an increasing number of projects in healthcare technology. Maybe this is due to our location in Boston, a hub for both healthcare and technology. Or perhaps it was inevitable that we’d run into it eventually, given that healthcare is a $7 trillion global industry. Regardless, as technologists, we found a domain that has opportunity, purpose, and plenty of problems to solve.

We love building applications. In healthcare this is no different. However, we found ourselves in a world of extraordinary data inaccessibility and outdated means of data sharing (e.g. SFTP and nightly mailboxes with EDI files are still common). Also, user workflows were locked by the vendors of healthcare systems. So the status-quo was to build yet-another-thing that a doctor or nurse would have to open separately and sign in to. …


Brian Kaney

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