Vermonster Announcement

Partnering with the folks that made FHIR

Over the past decade, we found ourselves with an increasing number of projects in healthcare technology. Maybe this is due to our location in Boston, a hub for both healthcare and technology. Or perhaps it was inevitable that we’d run into it eventually, given that healthcare is a $7 trillion…

Now is what was and will be.

Moving in solitaire every transition, every instant.

Wanting to share.

Then forgetting an instant later.

I had a terrific time presenting last night at the Boston Frontend Developer group. Thanks to all those who came out! If you haven’t been to a Meetup with this group, I highly encourage you to check it out.

A Quick Summary

This talk built on experiences at Vermonster building web applications over…

As we start a new year, it’s inevitable to think about goals for the next twelve months. For our small consulting firm, we look at goals for growth in terms of size and the internal development of our team.

The growth of our company is directly related to the success…

Brian Kaney

creates intangible things that some people use and like

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