Hackers game — it can’t happen to me!

2.45am. For the past two hours I’ve been in deep sleep. So have my phone notifications. It is advised to keep your phone away from reach while trying to have a quality sleep. But as I was dreaming of sweet conversations over a warm cup of coffee, visitors were doing some works on my account.

6.55 am. Alarm goes off, surprisingly enough I have no desire to snooze. I pick up the phone and try to go through my 74 notifications. Well, that is too much after more than a week of no activity in my timeline. Nothing suspicious though.

7.45 am. I accompany my daughter to the school van and walk to my car. It is a little chilly and I try to warm up my hands beneath my woolen scarf. It’s a wear-in-black day and all my items perfectly match this morning. I walk faster and can’t wait to get in and turn on the air-conditioner.

7.55 am. I’m in the car. Engine on, radio on, a final check on my lipstick, my sun-glasses on, ready to start to the office. I click on my mail application and notice several emails from my Facebook page. Yes I manage a Facebook Page, it has been a while that it is only one, but I’ve been managing five pages for some times.

8.00 am. News edition in sixty seconds start. I can’t focus on the voice because I’m totally lost in my inbox. Several emails telling me how I’m now an admin of two pages, my advert has been approved and reaching out to audience, my account is being accessed in Indonesia from a phone application like mine.

It can’t happen to me. I’ve always been careful to frequently change my password, having strong ones, not interlinked, special characters… But they did it. For some reasons it was my failure, my mistake, somewhere.

No panic, I know what to do. Nothing weird in my timeline feed, no messages, no spamming… Quick look on settings sessions, well I’ve got you, 46 open sessions from Indonesia… Try to end those quickly and change my password, which of course can’t be done at this point.

Go back to my log in page and click on forgot password. They must have my email, they must have my contacts, feels so disgusting though.

Report, report, report, taking screenshots of all my actions, resetting everything I remembered to, trying to find peace and privacy with my little online space.

This couldn’t happen to me and yet it happened to me. No harm done, no accounts used as there has never been one linked as it doesn’t simply exist… but still it happened in a quick, cold hackers game — I temporarily won, but tomorrow you can be next. Watch out as much as you can…