Key Facts About My Dog

#3: One could mistake her for a furry burrito.

Ben Kassoy
Nov 28, 2017 · 2 min read

  1. Molly’s full name is Molly Ninja Orlov Kassoy, but she also responds to “Lucas” or “Luke.”

2. Molly is my family’s second dog. Our first was a part-beagle, part-cocker spaniel that my eight-year-old sister named Tatiana Gutsu after the Soviet gymnast who won the all-around gold at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. We called her “Tatsi.”

3. Molly is a rescue and a mutt. Judging by her shape, I suspect she’s part-collie, part-cow. One could mistake her for a furry burrito.

4. Molly has developed some social anxiety in her old age, and we often find her in my parents’ bathroom, wedged between the toilet and the wall. When you call her name, she scrambles to her feet and reverses gingerly, like a PT Cruiser backing out of a tight parking space.

5. Molly loves treats and car rides but only shows excitement when offered “cookies” and “road trips.”

6. When I lie on my back, Molly sits on my stomach with her paws straddling me and will stay there as long as I’ll pet her. I promise I didn’t teach her to do this.

What are some key facts about your dog or pet? Write a response below.

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