Be A Role Model.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
 As women- we should be lifting each other up instead of constantly judging/and putting other women down. As women- we know the bullshit we have to go through at times and what it feels like during different transitional periods in our lives — so why are such bitches to one another?
 You know who my real role models are?
 The women who are confident in their own skin that they can smile at you when you walk by, not give you the blank bitch stare. You see a girl walking down the street or in the hallway with a cute outfit on or amazing make up and GOD FORBID you give her a compliment — Nope. Us as females instantly resort to “who’s that whore?” or “look at that bitch.” We are so god damn negative- it’s not even funny.
 I have been guilty of this for years and then I finally realized — Life is so much better when you’re not a bitch just for the sake of being a bitch.. You know what’s attractive? A female who is nice and is smiling and can be nice to people she doesn’t know or is just meeting for the first time.. I actually love giving girls compliments- whether you’re my friend or I have no clue who you are — Why can’t we be nice to one another? No one is going to remember that bitch who gave you a dirty look at the mall.. but best believe if you gave a girl a compliment and then saw her again- she will remember who you are.. because guess what- you weren’t the basic bitch.
 The women who I admire are the ones who are strong and independent. They didn’t wake up and decide to start smiling at random girls who walked by.. you know what happened? Shit went wrong for them.. Shit went so terribly wrong at one point in their lives and they handled it. It may have taken them months or hell even a year/years but they handled it. Those women are the women who went through some terrible shit and came out stronger.. they grew in all aspects of their lives and realized that they needed change. They needed change within themselves and they needed to change who they surrounded themselves with..
 These women are the real superheroes.
 The ones that can wear their strength and growth like an accessory and can walk by you confident as hell and be simply.nice.
 So Don’t be a bitch. Be different. Be a role model.
 xoxo britt.

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