The Present is Perfect. So how do I live in it?

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

When you are constantly thinking of the future or the past, you become a victim of time. You’re constantly thinking of the what if’s, what happened.. what will happen?

I’m guilty of doing this to myself.. letting my life become dictated by my own thoughts and/or emotions attached to my past or potential future scenarios/outcomes.. making myself fearful, sad, or mad at things that I can’t control..

So how is it actually possible to live in the present moment and eliminate our habits of thinking negatively, being anxious, allowing ourselves to get emotional — -these habits become your norm.. this is what you know. So how do we kick the habits?

I read an article that explained it perfectly- “Time is a human concept, the watch on your wrist and the clock on the wall mean nothing to Mother Nature.. To her, life is one evolving moment- a perpetual cycle of interdependent impermanence.. time is a metric we use as a reference point for organizing our lives and documenting history.. It doesn’t actually exist.. really it doesn’t. Time is an illusion, which makes being controlled by time somewhat delusion.. the past doesn’t exist and neither does the future.”

simply put- this is all that can exist.. this is now.. this is what you feel right now.. so allow yourself to feel it.. to smell it.. to see it… to touch it.

Personally.. I am constantly thinking of the days/months ahead .. that I am unable to enjoy the present day.. I think about what is happening in the next few days/months or what isn’t happening, that I wish was or would.…I get sad and then I am unable to enjoy the present day(s).

Thinking about the time limits you have hinders your ability to enjoy what you are doing right now.

Living in the Present/In the moment is easier said than done.. I know this..

So here’s another tip.. put your phone down when you are doing something that you enjoy/cherish ..esp. with people that you cherish..

Nothing is worse than spending time with someone who is more interested in their phone and looking at social media sites at other people’s lives…

guess what.. people post the good things online.. the beautiful, the exciting, all of the good.. so while you are browsing your feed at those people and look at the awesome things they are doing — your ignoring the good that is right next to you, right above you, right beside you.. the grass isn’t always greener .. so put down your phone and water your own lawn… enjoy the simple things.. just enjoy life..

When I think of life, I think of love.. Love is everything, right.. we can’t survive without it.. and that doesn’t mean relationship love.. that means self love, the love from your family, from your friends, your love from your favorite hobbies, your passion.. Love is everything.. so don’t forget to cherish it, embrace it, and feel it. Don’t let any kind of love ever get away from you..

do you want memories to look back on one day and have stories to tell your kids about the amazing memories you had in this beautiful life.. or do you want to just continue scrolling through other people’s lives/selfies?

The people who are the most balanced and grounded people in this world are people who aren’t attached to their phones, who aren’t on social media all day, and who can leave their phone in a distance when they are doing something enjoyable or with someone they care about. The people who do the best job at living in the present aren’t worried about what other people think about their lives.. they love their life and the people in it. They make time to do the things they love/spend time with the people who matter… because at the end of the day .. twitter/facebook, and instagram don’t matter.. your life does and so do the people you care learn to cherish the moments.

“Never miss an opportunity to compliment someone, say thanks, or express affection.” Show gratitude.. be mindful..

“wherever you are, commit to being there, completely.. Life will take care of the rest.”

xx britt.