Brian King’s Ten-Year Backup Strategy

  • If you have one, you have none.
  • Clients always pay for storage.
  • Spend money for good backups.
  • If you have one, you have none.

Backup Software:

Three Mac OS apps run the show for all of my backups:

Hey, there’s that video of my cousin’s wedding from 2011!

My Digital Essentials:

All my documents currently live in iCloud Drive (for a long time, I used the same strategy in Dropbox, same difference). I keep my office as paper-free as possible, so every single thing is scanned, OCR’d and dropped into folders by year.

YYYY_MM_DD is key for making dated file names that won’t get confusing.
Ska band beanie, Ezekiel skater hoodie and acne: 2003 confirmed.
  • Locally, in Photos
  • Apple’s Photos in the cloud
  • Google Photos
  • Backblaze
  • Time Capsule

Personal Footage:

Projects for Business

Under the grey boxes: our coolest active projects

TL;DR: If You’ve Got One, You’ve Got None

Going from a “shit, I really need to start backing things up better” strategy to an actual plan might be overwhelming. Here’s the very least you can do:

  • Make sure you’re using Apple’s Photos in the cloud, or Google Photos to back up digital photos. Facebook doesn’t count.
  • Sign up for Backblaze, back up your computer.
  • Keep your important documents in the cloud.
  • Start charging clients for storage, and get their stuff out of your mixed-use drives.



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Brian King

Brian King


I make moving pictures for fun and profit. Please don’t feed me lemons.