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An in-depth look at BookCoin Project 002: The MetaLibrary Founder Cards.

BookCoin Collection 002, the MetaLibrary Founder Cards, is an invitation into the intersection of books and the blockchain and will go to mint on April 19, 2022. (Whitelist here)

We’ve spent the last year building a team, a community, and a tech stack to introduce written creative work to the blockchain and are committed to harnessing the best utility, experience, and psychology of web3 to bring books into this new ecosystem.

We are actively creating the MetaLibrary — a collection of innovative projects, partnerships & web3 applications — to empower authors to tokenize their written creative work and readers to experience a new level of ownership, access, incentivization, entertainment, and identification with the books that have changed their lives. These projects are slated to roll out over the next 12–18 months and we hope to have a significant impact on both the literary industry and the NFT landscape in significant ways.

The Perks.

Every MetaLibrary Card unlocks a handful of fun perks now and new perks ongoing, including but not limited to…

MetaLibrary Founder’s Club | Our founder’s club will include a series of private community channels, partnership allowlist opportunities, voting rights on future projects, early access to all our software builds like the marketplace & web3 reader and more!

Early Mint Pass | First position whitelist for all future BookCoin Collections. This means that cardholders will be given the first whitelist window to mint, outside of our small partnership lists.

$BKCN Token Allocation | Upon the drop of our token, $BKCN, there will be a percentage allocated to our founder cardholders. (Disclaimers here)

*NOTE: If you whitelisted early on, you’ll notice some of these perks have changed. Read how and why here.

There are currently over 6500 believers whitelisted for this collection and we are tremendously excited for it to finally enter the world on April 19, 2022. However, we are just as excited about the three projects that this collection is going to directly empower.

The Projects.

First members of the MetaLibrary are first and foremost believers in these three ideas and their corresponding projects.

→ 01) Book / Literary NFTs. | Art and music and photography and gaming all have their NFT categories established. We believe the written word, and the inherent value of owning ideas, is next — and we’re committed to helping create this category and with the value it inherently demands.

→ 02) BookCoin Labs. | We are a team focused on web3 innovation and community. We have rallied an amazing tribe of professionals — including bestselling authors, author services veterans & web3 legends — dedicated to this mission. (Learn more on the team here)

We were the first to mint an NYT Bestselling book to the blockchain, the first to establish a collectors license for published Books as NFTs, and we have several more “firsts” planned to clear the way for all authors and readers to enter web3. These include the first Literary Smart Contracts, web3 reader for published books, Book NFT store/marketplace (Demo here), Decentralized Author Organization (DAO), and more.

→ 03) The MetaLibrary & a Web3 Experience of Books. | We see the Blockchain as a decentralized library for written creative work, offering the opportunity to memorialize important writings and allow readers to engage with, collect and socialize around them in a new way.

No longer will readers, just be consumers. They will be partners, patrons, co-creators, and collectors of the written medium they love. No longer will books, just be to read or listen to. They will be collectibles, co-creations, assets, games, and multi-dimensional experiences.

Readers, authors, and web3 believers — this is the ground-floor opportunity to become a member of the MetaLibrary. (Whitelist here)


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