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An in-depth look at BookCoin Project 001: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck NFT Collection and the paradigm-altering ideas behind it.

We are minting the first New York Times Bestselling Book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, to the blockchain as NFTs.

The Subtle Art NFT Collection.

We’ve partnered with Mark Manson, the author, to fractionalize the book’s content into 1,111 meaningful pieces, offering readers the historic opportunity to co-own a piece of it by participating in the Initial Book Offering (IBO) — a randomized NFT minting process. Subtle Art NFT holders will get creative common rights to their quote of the book, access to unreleased content in a private reading environment & an invitation to an exclusive launchpad community for all of Mark’s future web3 projects. (Learn more & whitelist here)

We are immensely proud of this collection. However, we are just as excited about the ground-breaking ideas driving Collection 001 — all three with the potential to evolve both the literary industry and the NFT landscape in significant ways.

01) Owning Ideas.

In an NFT landscape where digital artwork & avatars are demanding high value, written creative work opens an entirely new opportunity and category to collectors.

Art NFTs: Owning Beauty.
PFP NFTs: Owning Status.
Book NFTs: Owning Ideas.

For 6 centuries, books have been home to humanity’s most valuable ideas, stories, records & moments. With the introduction of blockchain technology, these ideas can be assigned digital licenses and owned by more than just their authors.

Art and music and photography and gaming all have their NFT categories established. The written word, and the inherent value of owning ideas, is next.

In the case of the Subtle Art Collection, we have doubled down on the value of the written word by keeping our approach simple: Break the manuscript into 1,111 meaningful ideas and allow readers to collect one.

Subtle Art NFTs

02) Incentivized Community.

The greatest paradigm being introduced by web3 is not tokenization, it’s the implication tokenization has on communities. No longer are fans, or in our case, readers, simply consumers. They are co-owners, co-builders & patrons.

Web2: Creator builds community to sell creation to — making the value of the creation and the way to engage around it static.
Web3: Creator co-owns creation with community incentivizing collective enhancement — making the value of the creation and the way to engage around it dynamic.

In web3, everyone directly benefits from a creative work’s success — naturally incentivizing a community to think and operate like co-builders, not just consumers.

For authors interested in the impact and support of their ideas in the world, this is game-changing. The holders of Subtle Art NFTs are naturally incentivized to see their co-owned collection of ideas accumulate in value and impact overtime. The core community of believers in the project will engage, support and be impacted by The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck in a far deeper way than by simply having one of twelve million copies of the book sitting on their shelf.

The Zero Fucks Club: Mark Manson’s Book & Web3 Launchpad Community

03) Author Empowerment.

Web3 and NFTs are introducing a new Renaissance. Artists, musicians and gamers are minting their work to the Blockchain and inviting a community to own, invest & co-create alongside them. And yet, arguably the most important class of creators are currently the most under-represented during this creative shift — authors.

Mark Manson, alongside a few other authors including Neil Strauss, is building a bridge for an entire class of creators — published & unpublished authors — to reinvent their approach to, reap an exponential level of return from and build a new depth of engagement around their creative work.

Mark Manson’s intention to build a bridge for all authors into NFTs.

We’re at the precipice of something amazing— a true Renaissance for all authors and their ideas. We’re thankful to play our role in a much bigger story. And we’re thankful you’re here early. We all gonna make it.


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