Demonic Bruising

So, I was taking a shower earlier today, when I noticed that I had 3 more new bruises. Now, I had no idea where these bruises had come from, so I was baffled. It brought to mind the movie, ‘The Conjuring’, when the mom kept finding unexplained bruises all over her body. Remember, for those who have seen it, it’s the part when the demonic entity was feeding off of the mother, and that’s why there were bruises. In answer to your question, no, I do not think I am being slowly possessed. However, it did bring to mind a dream I had the other night:

In my dream, I was invited to one of my friend’s house. When she answered the door, it was like she was unrecognizable. Her gaunt face, depressed eyes, and haggard appearance made me wary to enter the home, but I did anyway. Once inside I noticed that there was barely any light inside, cast by a small reading lamp. Which, that in itself was strange, because it was sunny and bright outside. It was like none of the light from the windows could penetrate the dark interior. Sensing something else was at work here, I turned to leave, only to see my friend blocking my way.

She grabbed my hand, and said a strange chant. As she let go, I noticed her appearance starting to improve. But the more she improved, the worse I felt. Soon my friend was her old self standing before me. “I’m sorry Keshia, the only way to rid myself of the demon was to transfer it to someone else. I chose you because I know you are strong enough to beat it once and for all.” And then she was gone, and I was alone with a heaviness on me. Shaking my head at the whole ordeal, I tried to leave the house but I couldn’t walk out the door. It was like something was anchoring me to the house. Something at my back was preventing me from going.

Wondering what it was, I ran around the house, searching until I found a bathroom. I turned on the light, which was dim at best, and stared at my reflection. I was now the one with the gaunt face, and haggard appearance. But what else I saw in my reflection caused my heart to almost stop beating. There on my back, smiling malevolently at me, was a demon. It’s claws sunk into my shoulders, and it’s eyes glowing a bright red…

I remember that dream vividly and I also remember being jolted out of my nightmare. My heart was beating like crazy, and more than being in fear, I was pissed. That little bitch set me up!