photo: Tara Bazille

You’re Worth It (Part 1)

I think we should get a divorce. James stared at his phone, bewildered by the text message he had just received from his wife. The phone showed that she had sent the text about 2 hours earlier. Why? he sent back. Immediately she replied, I feel neglected. It’s like you don’t even want to talk to me anymore. It was time for him to clock out from his job, so James hurriedly gather his things, and headed to his car. I can’t access my phone much here, but I apologize sweetheart. I’m certainly not doing it on purpose. Sending the text, he put on his seat-belt, started the car and headed home. Luckily home was only less than 15 minutes away, so he was there in no time. He unlocked the front door and walked inside. Not seeing his wife upon entering the house, he moved towards the back of the house where their master bedroom was. Camille, his wife, was there, so engrossed in packing her bags, he was able to slip into the spare bedroom. Glancing at his phone, he noticed there was another text message from his wife. It’s like we don’t even know each other.We never spend time together, hell, you don’t even touch me anymore! He felt a slight panic as he tried to think what to do.

After sending a detailed text to a friend, James throws his phone on the bed, and quietly, yet hurriedly looks for what he needs. Opening the top drawer of the nightstand he finds what he was looking for. He slips off his work clothes and slides into his find. Entering his bedroom, he finds his wife still packing her bags. I glance up to see my husband standing there in underwear, equipped with an elephant head and trunk. I turn back to my bags and continue packing, “ it’s not going to work James.” Glancing at him again, standing there in these cartoon-y, hilariously goofy, underwear, I can’t completely hold my laughter. James notices this and moves in close. Caressing the top of my hand, he gently, but assuredly turns me around towards him. Lifting my chin so we are now face to face, he asks, “baby, what’s really wrong.” I still have a slight smile on my face, due to his antics, but there are tears in my eyes. James felt a twinge of guilt, knowing he was the reason for the sadness on my face. Deciding to once again resort to humor, he licks the tears off my face.

I stare at him for a moment, stunned into silence. Shaking my head, and laughing a little, I turn to find a tissue to wipe my face. While my back is turned, James grab some stuff out of my bags in order to put them away. Suddenly, in the back of his mind he thinks how stupid this is. Dropping the things on the bed, he grabs a hold of me and pulls me close. “Do you love me?”, he asks worriedly. Placing my hands on the sides of his face, I reply softly, “Yes. I do love you. But I’m lonely and I shouldn’t be. Especially when I have you.” Gripping me tightly he responds, “ How are all the bills being paid?” I drop my hands from his face, I frown, “I understand that the bills need to be paid, but does that mean you get to ignore me?” Shaking his head, “Of course not…..I just have to focus to get things done.” I try to pull away, but he just pulls me closer. Laying his forehead against mine, he comes up with a compromise. “Well, I’m off for the rest of the weekend….. Look, baby, let me make it up to you and we’ll discuss, then come to an agreement on a solution, which would prevent this from happening again. You’re the reason I wake up smiling in the morning. Smiling because I know that I have such a beautiful wife, and I would never want to do anything intentionally, to lose you.”

I wrap my arms around his neck, “Okay, I’m going to trust you on this, because I love you and I want us to work more than anything. Please don’t let me down…” I hug him tightly, then step backwards. Not realizing how close I was to the dresser, I bump it, causing my glass of white wine I had sitting there to tip over, spilling all over my dress. James lets me go as I assess the damage and see wine running down my dress, and legs. Moving away from James, I ask, “can you order some takeout while I take a shower? Oh, and don’t forget to put on some clothes so you don’t scare whoever brings it.” I smile at him and head to the bathroom. Turning suddenly, I walk up to him and kiss him softly on the lips. Taking me by surprise, he grips my ass and lays me on the bed all while changing the tempo of the kiss. I part my lips as his tongue sweeps into my mouth. I can feel his hand sliding my dress up my thighs and his erection pressing against my heat. Pressing against me, I can feel myself getting wet at his nearness. I suck his bottom lip into my mouth, and his moan triggers mine. As sudden as he begin, he stops.

“Go take your shower because I have a surprise for you,” he states with the promise of seduction in his eyes. Staring suspiciously, I wrap my legs around him to keep him from pulling away, “what surprise?” James just laughs at me, and unwrap my legs from around his waist, “you’ll see and take your time.” He helps me up and gives me a gentle push towards the bathroom. I walk into the bathroom and turn the shower on. Taking my clothes off, I wonder what he has in store for me. I am excited, yet nervous as I step into the shower. I love this man so much, and he meant so much to me. I grab my body wash and proceed to take a lengthy hot shower, as ordered.

As soon as the bathroom door shuts behind me, James springs into action. He quickly clears off the bed, and changes into slacks and a nice button-up shirt just as the doorbell rings. He makes sure the shower’s still running, before dashing quickly to the front door to let in the caterers. They help him to set up a romantic atmosphere guaranteed to melt off any woman’s panties. Tipping the caterers, James lets them out and stares at the dinner table. He holds back yelps of success as he beholds the upscale cuisine he has ordered with all my favorite dishes.

In the meantime, I step out of the shower, dry off, and wrap a towel around myself. I enter our now clean bedroom and notice a note and a dress on our bed. I pick up the note, reading: Put this on, and only this. (yes, no underwear) No make-up or shoes needed. And wear that beautiful hair down. I put the note down and pick up the dress. It is a red, spaghetti strap, bodycon mini, with a floor length red lace overlay. I lay the dress back on the bed and drop my towel. Grabbing my lotion in his favorite scent I moisturize my whole body, bringing a glow to my golden brown skin. I spritz perfume on all the important spots, and slip on the dress. I add some earrings, and a couple of anklets to give it a little something. Just as I am ready to leave the room, I hear India Arie’s, ‘Ready for love’, begin to play in the living-room. I open the door and step in to a romance wonderland………..