No Stone Unturned
Matt Poll

Interesting stuff.

I’ve always been interested in ancient history and archaeology. Learning about radically different ways of life and different social and economic structures can give you a good sense of perspective on modern life and modern concerns.

That being said, surely you can understand why any developer would view an archaeological find as something of a landmine. Stopping a project while the find is studied, or worse having to redesign the project, can cost millions.

The Australian public’s response to such things is a little more complex and problematic. There are few other countries where a 10,000 year old find ties directly into deeply felt and persistent rifts in our social fabric and national identity.

I’m glad you’ve had some success in properly contextualising some of these collections of stone tools for the general public. Without context, and indeed narrative, a stone tool can often just seem like a rock to us laymen.

It would be great to see a genuinely entertaining TV show about Australian archaeology like Time Team, but it would be very difficult to make because you would likely find yourself juggling all sorts of competing and conflicting cultural sensitivities.