Death by Toothbrush
Adrian Hanft

That Steve Jobs quote is very interesting to me because most “carpenters” these days do use plywood when they can get away with it.

I just can’t stand the lack of craftsmanship involved in doing that, so I make it a point to always use solid timber even when I could ‘get away’ with using plywood.

It always pains me to see someone make something beautiful and then ruin it by using plywood for the bits they think won’t be noticed.

I understand why they do it. It’s not just the cost of using solid timber, plywood is also much easier to use because it comes in large panels. To do a large panel in solid timber takes a lot more work because you have to seamlessly join multiple pieces of timber, allow for expansion and contraction of the wood and match timber grains (that last one is really tricky sometimes).