A Dublin Discovery — Hang Tough Framing

About 3 months ago I discovered a beautiful print hung in one of my favourite coffee shops, Clement & Pekoe. I was rushing to a meeting and didn’t get a chance to take note of who created it.

A few days later I dropped by but the print was no longer there. I was devastated.

A few more weeks passed and I was browsing a shop called Industry. Industry houses some of the best designed products I’ve found in Ireland. There it was, hanging and available for sale. I snapped it up in seconds.

I had my new print but I couldn’t hang that on our office wall without a beautiful frame to support it. I remembered seeing this exceptionally cool video of a bespoke framer on Vimeo.

After much searching and digging I had found it. I had found Hang Tough Framing again.

The store is iconic. You’re surrounded with beautiful art all encased in beautifully crafted frames. There’s a sense of extreme craftsmanship when you enter the store.

It hits you instantly — The people behind Hang Tough do what they do as it’s their passion.

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