Experimentation Drives Me Forward

Challenges & Experimentation

When I was learning how to write software and build apps, my biggest asset was my need to experiment. People all learn differently, my brother for instance learns best in a classroom/textbook scenario.

I learn by watching and then doing. I would watch as someone builds the software. Watch them commit the code, learning what each line meant and finally experimenting myself. I would take a copy of their code and try to make new features in my own time.

This approach requires a crazy amount of trial and error but it really works for me. One of the major advantages is that you excel past what you learnt initially super quickly. You drive yourself forward as you see yourself as the learning tool. Not the textbook. You keep challenging yourself to progress the application.

Pushing Forward With Challenges

I’m always shouting — do something at least every week that challenges yourself and pushes you outside of your comfort zone. I do this myself and ask the people around me to do the same.

When I was young and starting out I was an extremely introverted person. Only through challenging myself have a I learned how to communicate well with others and be more extroverted. It’s made my goals in life more obtainable.

An example of this is The MiniCorp Show. It’s a YouTube series where I interview the best startups in Dublin and abroad. Sitting down with founders and discussing their path and their company. The night before I was taking on this challenge, I barely slept. Yet here I am. Getting fantastic feedback and pushing it forward. I’m very glad I took the initiative and just went for it.


It’s super easy to experiment with code at home along on your laptop where no one can see your failures or you getting it wrong.

The key is to do this publicly. Let everyone see you fail. It helps them to accept that failure happens and take risks themselves AND it pushes you to try again and get it right.

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