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Before you believe bold headlines such as the following, you need to consider the source.

The Media Sabotage of Hydroxychloroquine Use for COVID-19: Doctors Worldwide Protest the Disaster.

Media and Big Pharma are in lockstep to suppress a cheap, life-saving Covid-19 therapy in order to reap pandemic-sized profits

This drivel was published on https://www.globalresearch.ca/ which is “a Canadian conspiracy website” that was founded by Michel Chossudovsky who is currently the President of GlobalResearch and professor emeritus of economics at the University of Ottawa.

For more see Media Bias/Fact Check — Global Research and Centre for Research on Globalization.

Symbols from various world religions. Source: Wikipedia.

I once believed that there are no deities. Then I finally discovered the shocking truth, every deity that has ever been the subject of worship actually exists.

A religion is nothing more or less than a collection of religious texts, a group of priests and priestesses, and a network of places of worship.

These items can be described in non religious terms.

* The religious texts are works of philosophy that happen to include tales; some of these tales discuss the history of the philosophy, or at least they claim to discuss the history of the philosophy, and other tales…

One factor of code quality that does not get enough attention is how easy is it to debug the code. No matter how skilled the team that writes the software, there will be bugs. When these bugs are found some poor soul will need to debug the code to determine the cause of the bug. Unfortunately this can quickly turn into a nightmare because many functions are not debuggable. Sometimes even well designed code is so difficult to debug that it causes the poor soul who has to debug it to abandon all hope.

Non-Debuggable Function

The following function is very simple…

I recently encountered a situation in which a feature I wanted to add to my website was not supported in Internet Explorer because it relied on third-party JavaScript code that is not supported in Internet Explorer. The feature was triggered by pressing a button. The page was displayed properly but when the button was pressed nothing happened. The console revealed the reason why nothing happened when the button was pressed. The third-party JavaScript code uses a language feature not supported by Internet Explorer.

I decided that the simplest solution was to hide the button for Internet Explorer and display it…

The Trump Economy

Economies are truly enormous. They are so large that as a result of the law of conservation of momentum, they take forever to stop, speed up, slow down, or change direction. For this reason, the Obama economy is just now coming to an end.

The Trump economy is a new born baby, and it does not appear to be healthy.

One thing that has not been discussed enough is that the current immigration crisis was created by the United States. The United States has been taking actions that have destabilized Central America for the past 100 years.

In addition, the migrants have been mischaracterized by the Republican party as illegal immigrants. They are not…

Windows Forms applications provide two mechanisms for providing accessibility information.

In many cases the required accessibility information can be provided using the following properties of the Control Class in the System.Windows.Forms Namespace: the Control.AccessibleDefaultActionDescription Property, the Control.AccessibleDescription Property, the Control.AccessibleName Property, and the Control.AccessibleRole Property. This feature is almost enough to meet WCAG Success Criterion 4.1.2: Name, Role, Value. WCAG Success Criterion 4.1.2: Name, Role, Value requires that state information be provided as well. Unfortunately, there is not a property in the Control Class for state information.

In many cases, the built in Windows Forms support is sufficient and therefore…

Sometimes you will encounter a situation in which the existing accessibility support for an user interface element is almost good enough and you need to just make small changes to the existing support. For example, perhaps you just need to override the Name or Role properties. In these cases, fully implementing the IAccessible interface as described in Implementing a Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) Server Using the Windows API and C++ may seem like a great deal of effort to achieve these improvements.

Fortunately, starting with Windows 7 there is an easier alternative, the Direct Annotation feature of the Dynamic Annotation…

The oldest and simplest of the Accessibility APIs used in Microsoft Windows is Microsoft Active Accessibility or MSAA. This article provides a brief introduction on how to implement a MSAA Server using the Windows API and the C++ programming language.

The IAccessible interface

The heart of MSAA is the IAccessible interface. This interface exposes methods and properties that allow an accessibility server to make a user interface element and its children accessible to accessibility client applications. The methods and properties of the IAccessible interface allow a Windows API application to meet WCAG Success Criterion 4.1.2: …

Today I needed to run an MFC application that makes use of an ActiveX control. When I ran the application the following error dialog box was displayed.

Screen shot of the ActiveX control Windows Security Warning dialog.
ActiveX control Windows Security Warning dialog

Screen shot of the ActiveX control Windows Security Warning dialog. The title of the dialog box is “Windows Security Warning.” The message displayed within the dialog box is as follows: An ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with other parts of the page. Do you want to allow this interaction? The dialog box has two buttons, Yes and No.

While I was able to use the application once I…

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