A4 — Who am I? Logos, Ethos, Pathos

Who am I? What do I do? And what do I do to others?

Something that I really like about this class is the introspection of it. Looking not only at others, but at ourselves. And with that, let us begin.

The logic of the behavior that drives me? Well, I have always thought that if something is not working, something practical should be done about it. I am a very solutions-centered guy. Problems must be solved. I guess that is partially why I have gone into design; the idea of designing solutions for even the smallest of problems appeals to me. That ability of design to help in that specific way is very attractive to me, and sometimes, its what keeps me going when I think “do I really want to do design?”. Yes, other fields also come up with solutions, but in design, there is creativity! Space to come up with something that is truly your own. A solution, specifically from Brandon Kirkley. Yes, that sounds about right. Although at this point, I wonder if that last part goes into pathos as well.

That need, that utter need for solutions also goes into other aspects of belief system, such as politics. There are many problems there, and though there are wicked problems, there are certainly some problems there that have a definitive solution, but it has not been implemented for the most petty or selfish of reasons. That absolutely infuriates me, because it is illogical to me. To stop a solution for bad reasons is agasinst what I believe to be the core logic of how the world should work.

What emotions move me? I will admit, anger is pretty high up there. It is so, so easy for me to get angry, I do not understand people who do not get angry. I think its because there is so much wrongness in the world, and when people see this wronggness and are not angry about it, it rubs me off the wrong way, and I get even angrier. Anger can really eat away at you, but it can also move you, drive you to do things.

Of course, I do not like to arouse anger in others. Instead, when it comes to what I want others to feel, I want them to feel…an optimistic calmness. I want them to feel calm, and to have faith in that calm because they know that everything will be okay. That is what I want others to feel, for certain, especially in my friends and loved ones.

Ethos? This is more complex, and I do not think I have as precise an answer for this one as I did the others. Hm. Well, I have always been the big brother, as I have two younger brothers, and the mindset of that has never left me, as I have noticed in recent years. I never try to be a big brother figure, I never try to be a caretaker or anything of the sort, and yet. I just sort of fall into it. Without even thinking about it, I just naturally come into that big brother role for my friends. Such a role includes being very supportive, almost acting as a role model, a focus on taking care of people. It can be a bit unintentionally condescending at times I am sure, but…well. It just keeps happening. Maybe that is just who I am.

Taking care of people does mean a lot to me. Maybe that is just what I really want. For everyone to be taken care of.

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