Use of new casual language: “You’re red”, and so on.

Objects necessary: White clothing, with colored bright lights underneath. Most minimal of technology; something more elegant could be constructed.

Initial ideas:

Something early in the day, perhaps something that someone says, turns Character’s light red. Character insists that he is not angry and tries to act normal, but people keep focusing on his red FashionTech, ignoring what he’s saying or doing. Perhaps Character’s red sticks out in a group of yellows and makes others feel uncomfortable or wary. At the end of the day, Character’s light is still red, even though he has been insisting the whole day that he is not angry. He reflects, and thinks about what made him angry in the first place, admitting to himself that he is upset.

Something that focuses on the dependence on reading the color instead of reading the face. People do love shortcuts after all.

Something that could use the contrast between people’s color and how they are acting.

Possibility: Include self-reflection of why one’s color is this way. Or perhaps they already know and self-reflection is not necessary and focuses more on interactions with other people.