These are my answers to Exercise Three BEFORE the meeting on Monday.

I was rather unsure while writing these and expect to have more of an idea of what I am talking about after discussion with my peers.

Design is to solve problems in a way unique to you.

If I were to design something right now, it would be an animation, because I love to make those.

5 keywords I use to describe my design ethos:

Practical. Thoughtful. Unique. Creative. Diligent.

What do you value in the designed world?

I value design that always keeps function as the priority, rather than form. Of course the two work together, and there must be a balance of both, but sometimes I see works where form and aesthetic and appearance were so prioritized that it was actually hard to use, nullifying the point of the whole thing.

As an example, I have seen many sites/such things in which a minimalist aesthetic was valued and used to such an extent that it was difficult to actually use the website. This sort of thing always bothers me a lot.

What are your concerns as a designer?

I am concerned about things being inaccessible to people, or of products not working for people, or of people having good ideas/things to say but not being able to communicate them very well.

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