Inter Venus

Shiny, shiny…

(our eyes are often tricked by what our hearts secretly desire.)

but in Venus’ fade (and she does.),

you are alone. very alone.

in the darkness it becomes clear, as crystal.

thoughts, dreams, fears, and tears

turn into sweet joy, really.

the past might have been harsh and cruel

but it belonged to you,

it was your secret suffering,

and you are still here,

isn’t that joyous in itself?

I’ve passed by this building too many times since the age of 13. While there are layers of graffiti that mask it’s original grey stucco exterior, it’s the same f’ing building. Somehow I know that I will be walking by it for another, well, hopefully many years to follow.

But you see, you are embedded in my circuit board,

in each pixel my eyes see.

I know no life without thee,

and desire no life without thee.

so after the tingle clears, and I wipe the tears from my eyes,

I will always smile… and dream all dreams with you in mind, dig?

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