The Classic Rock Concerts I’ve Attended Vault™ — Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Next up in my Classic Rock Concerts I’ve Attended Vault is another show from another British Prog-Rock band, the super trio known as Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

The concert started promptly at 7:30 PM, Tuesday, December 4, 1973, on an oddly warm winter night in downtown Detroit. Often referred to as one of the most pretentious bands in the world (rock critic Robert Christgau once wrote that ELP was the world’s most overweening progressive group with the stupidest fans ever), ELP were in the middle of their “Brain Salad Surgery” USA tour and Cobo Arena was filled with Detroit’s stupidest ELP fans who worshipped every stupid note played.

Texas blues-rock band, Stray Dog opened the show. Stray Dog’s most famous member is guitarist W. G. Snuffy Walden, who went on to write many film and television scores. His music has been featured in TV shows like, Roseanne, Ellen, The West Wing, Friday Night Lights and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Sadly, Keith Emerson’s life ended in suicide last year. He struggled with nerve damage in his hands that severely affected his playing, as well as battling bouts of depression and recently diagnosed heart disease.

Date: December 4, 1973

Venue: Cobo Arena

Ticket Price: $5.50 / $6.50

Featured Artists: 
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Stray Dog