The Role of POWER

A brief way to explain power is it is a way of control and domination. In the world we live in today, there are people of power all around us. The president, governors, even a coach of a team. Everyone is aware of who has the power and who has control over them. As for me, being part of the team, I know who has power over me. For one my coach does, but I have people who are older than me and out of respect in some circumstances, they have more power over me.

As for the Pervasiveness of Power, there are two approaches. One being the Traditional approach and the other being the Symbological approach. The traditional approach considers power with control over resources or with hierarchical status. The symbological approach views power as a product of communicative interactions and relationships.

In my life, my coach takes more of the traditional approach when it comes down to it. He tells us how to do things and when to do then. However, the symbological approach applies too because we have a relationship to where my coach doesn’t control my life but has authority when I am on the pool deck, in a respective matter.

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