Weak Ties

When I think of weak ties, I think of something that is dwindling. However, this is totally and completely not the case. When something is weak or frail this does not mean they are not powerful. A weak tie is extremely powerful. It’s almost like looking at something this is weak. On the outside it looks like nothing can be accomplished, but on the inside the object nothing but full of information, talent, beauty, and power. Weak things are amazing. As for the world wide web and this generation based off of internet and the newest social media trends, facebook as become a huge place where people can find opportunities. On facebook, you have friends. However, you can easily be “friends” with people you have never even meet before. It can be kind of nice because you can friend people on facebook to meet other people or to get to a certain place. In a way I find this weird because it kind of gives the word friend two completely different meanings. When I think of friend I think of it as a person I know and can hangout with, share memories, and laugh with. Now a days, the word friend can mean many things. “Friends” through facebook, instagram, twitter. You can be “friends” with as many celebrities as you want, but will you actually every meet them? who knows. All I know is that this giant web can be nice, however the weak ties of social network is very valuable. Weak ties provide you will precious information.

In your life, you have your daily routine which usually has the same people, same job, same activities, ect. These people you are surrounded by are your strong ties. You all know the same people (close friends)…which technically is not the best because your sources of info are the same. Small ties however are the people who are distant, that you reach out to. These small ties are part of a circle that you are not used to. Overall, it makes you branch out. Branching out is very beneficial because you come out of your shell and meet different amazing people that are part of this big world full of opportunity.

Just to add a little advice to this blog….Go out and do something new! Taking risks can sometimes be one of the greatest things you could ever do. Coming from a little town in Colorado, being at the University of Hawaii has made me interact with many different cultures and communities. Being able to do what I love with different people around the world and in paradise is one of the greatest things I have ever done. All in all, follow your dreams and never look back. Small ties lead to big things.