My healthy resolution for 2017

From a personal health perspective, 2016 was a horrible year. I was sick too often and needed too much time to recover. I am living a pretty stressful life in Berlin with a full-time job, which I love and put half of my energy in and a family, which I love even more, which gets the other half of the energy. Overall I guess I am just using more power than I actually have. I cannot work less or do less family management, so I have to change some other daily routines. I think the most important thing for me is changing my eating habits. In the last year, I used eating as a way to relax and to do me something good. So I ate whatever I wanted and when. This led to tons of bad habits involving eating tons of unhealthy stuff.
Currently, it’s three days into 2017 and I didn’t have any day without sickness. I got sick just before Christmas, so I had plenty of time rethinking my habits from the last 365 days. I came up with these rules for myself:

Don’t Eat Unhealthy Things

Burger, Pizza, Chips, Fried Chicken. I love to eat such things for lunch but I know it’s bad for my body. So I will completely stop with it. Everytime I see now something to eat, I ask myself: Is this healthy? If I am unsure and cannot answer with a clear yes, then I will not eat it and go for another option.

Don’t Eat Things with Added Sugar

This is easier in Germany than in the US where even the weirdest thing contains added sugar but it’s a good rule of thumb to avoid all the sugary things like soft drinks, sweets, cake and cookies. I am anyway a heavy ingredients checker since a few years, so it’s easy for me to just check for added sugar also.

Don’t Eat After 8 pm

Sometimes when it gets too stressy on the family dining table or I am still stuffed from lunch, I tended to eat after the kids were sleeping. The belly is the second biggest blob of nerve cells after the brain and it helps to make the sleep better when stop eating a few hours before sleep.

Sleep More

I tend to get around five to six hours sleep every night. Going to bed at 11 pm to 12 am and waking up at 5 am and 6 am. I will go to bed latest 10 pm. This will take some quality time away from my wife and me but hopefully, it pays off being less sick and therefore more time doing other things on weekends.

Besides these four simple and straightforward rules, there is one thing which stands above all: stay positive. I know it sounds a bit cheesy but I think it really helps to feel better in general. I know that theories are pretty hard to bring to the daily real life but I also don’t see these resolutions as super strict and will not get dogmatic about every rule. It should help me feel better, not stressing about even more things. So let’s see where these things lead me to.