🎉 With an eye on focus, consistency and health — 12 small experiments with defined goals for the new year.

Here’s a peak at my bare necessities routine that I’ve been doing for the past year or so. It involves a) getting up at the last possible minute and b) leaving no room for error or other things that might come up:

Insights on the internet’s front page

Note: I would like to thank @annediebel, Medium copy editor, for editing this post. There is a pretty amazing community here already.

Whenever someone asks me to explain reddit, I tell them that it is like Facebook if your friends only posted the most interesting shit there is on the…

photo by gregpc / flickr

A simple list of advice for the average twenty-something

It’s not always easy to take others’ advice to heart. Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them in their own way. Of course, you have to learn your own lessons, but these suggestions are intended to make you a little more aware of yourself and your surroundings. …


From FrontPage ‘98 to Now — and why kids should get into web design. 

When I was sixteen years old, I had a fan website dedicated to my favorite music artist, Eminem. I put nearly all of my free time into it, I bought all of his underground records on eBay and streamed them from my site using RealPlayer. I would buy magazines and…

Brian Krall

Lead Front-end Developer at https://www.tovala.com— Also blogs at www.sideproject.io. Married to the lovely @kimberlykrall.

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