Digital Cities: Social Networks, Who Cares?


Pick your poison, but in the end does it even really matter?

“…why do we join, why do we reveal ourselves, and what are we aiming to get out of social media?”

Questions for Social Media

Snapchat’s Early Days

The goal is getting from Early Adopters over the chasm into the Early Majority. Credit goes to Mark McDonald for the clean graphic on this one.

Motivations of Early Adopters

Showing Our Digital Selves

…our social data forms a cubist portrait of our identities…

A cubist portrait by Picasso — similar to the bits of ourselves social media reconstructs to depict our preferences, its us…just not quite the real us.

Social Media Can See Your Future

Let the audience guide you

Posters of bad content will post more

What you say are clues to how long you’ll stay

Further Reading

Snapchat’s User Interface

Relevant Research




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Brian Rollison

Brian Rollison

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