Audi and Nest Blended Advertising Is Perfect

Either Audi and Nest advertising appearing side-by-side in the October 2016 issued of Wired Magazine is the world’s greatest coincidence, or these two brands have partnered to release the most creative joint print marketing campaign I can recall in 20 years in the business.

Audi on the left — The world has some catching up to do
Outside a clearly expensive brownstone walk-up, someone has taken off in a hurry. This speed is evident from the peeled-out tire tracks in front of the home, as well as the leaves blown in the direction of the car that has just driven off.

Fittingly, the first line of copy states: “Every now and then, something revolutionary comes along that makes everything around it seem just a little more ordinary.” More at

Nest on the right — Spot car thieves and break-ins
Typically considered an indoor security system, Nest now adds to its indoor security consumer awareness to position itself as an outdoor security solution by placing a blown leaf atop its camera.

Supporting copy reinforces: “Mystery solved. Nest Cam outdoor security on your phone 24/7.” More at

Audi & Nest Join Forces: Coincidence, Subliminal, or Just Plain Smart

Here’s where these the Audi and Nest brands become cleverly intertwined to tell a remarkable story.

Nest’s security camera (from page 62 on the right) has clearly captured and recorded on video a stolen Audi taking off (from page 61 on the left of the spread). The camera is pointing directly at the tire tracks. This is further supported by the leaf that has blown from page 61 to page 62. Nest to the rescue.

Meanwhile, if you’re enthralled by Audi’s story, its Audi A7 iconic luxury sedan has departed so fast that this leaf has blown all the way across the page, from page 61 to 62 to be exact, right onto the Nest Cam. This, coupled with the peeling tire tracks, conveys the power such a sporty car must posses.

These luxury brands each telling their own story when seen independently, yet telling a larger story when joined together as a spread, is something that I can’t recall having seen together often. The novice wouldn’t even realize what they just saw. Subliminal advertising, if you will.

In today’s era of content creation and story telling, this spread has keeps the reader (and me) intrigued.

Audi concludes their copy with the text “a boldly designed car deserves a boldly designed world.” Clearly, these brands were also shooting for a boldly designed ad. They have succeeded.