This Week in Games: 1/17/17

World of Warcraft

The experiment continues. The group gathered again to knock out a few more levels and make our way into Ragefire Chasm and the Deadmines. We rocketed through the dungeons without much trouble. It was nice to take on challenges that required teamwork after steamrolling our way across the leveling content. We resolved to make dungeons our focus moving forward. This will mean each of us will have to do some solo work in order to measure up to our next mission. At this stage, this game is a perfect medium through which to hang out with friends while being moderately distracted. I call them, “poker night games.”

Rock Band 4

Still going. I’ve chosen Fallout Boy’s Centuries as my song to perfect on expert. It’s rated as a warm-up song so I don’t think I’ll break too much of a sweat, but there’s a time investment required for harder songs that I’m not sure I’m interested in making.

There’s a magic to this game though. When you understand the way a song flows and just start nailing the notes without devoting too much of your mind to finger position, it really feels like making music. I understand the appeal of these games much more now.

Diablo III

I reinstalled this game after the 4th or 5th time I got the itch to play it. I hopped back in and did some reading about the process of “gearing.” I sort of bounced off the nuances, but the idea seems to be running short missions called bounties in the old levels of the game over and over again in order to gain the materials necessary to alter the attributes of your most powerful weapons to incrementally increase their power. Diablo III is my go-to game for relaxing and switching my brain off, and this system seems—on it’s surface—to be simple enough to keep me charging forward. I’m switching between a tough, tanky Crusader, and a surf-on-a-wave-of-death Wizard.



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