Off With His Head


It was 4am and I had not slept one wink

VIP, dance floor, we just went - drink after drink

I remember it like yesterday, my first time in the City of Gold

A minor, 16 at the time, I had no idea what was about to unfold.

I was now in the land of tycoons, it felt like a brave new world

Jo’burg had its grip on me, around its finger I twisted and twirled

Having expensive dishes of seafood, the world was my oyster

Good girl gone bad, finally out of my cloister.

Trying to fit in - short skirt, heavy makeup, and a Brazilian weave

Almost naked actually, but still managed to wear my heart on my sleeve

The trouble? Worth it. The guy? One of a kind

Infatuation turned lust, lust turned love is blind.

I had fallen for Casper as he would soon vanish into thin air

Good riddance to the bastard, clearly he didn't care

For a jobless person he sure was a piece of work

A sorry sight to humankind, a womanising jerk.

I would curse him in anger, “Off with his head!”

Sleepless nights, wishing I had sent him packing before he got me into bed

Thinking, if my family found out, what would be the easiest way to commit suicide

If not that then I would be the one going away for homicide.

I found out that he has two daughters around my age, and a loving wife

Zelda, by the time you read this I’ll be long gone, I’ve decided to take my own life

Enjoy yours while it lasts, I hope for your children’s sake you didn’t get it too

After everything you’ve done for him, how could he do this to you?