Media Lit Post #1 — Monopolization of Media

Based on the documentary I watched, “Shadows of Liberty”, monopolization of media can be a problem since when media is bought out by a corporation, that corporation can control what the media can put out as news. This means that the news that are put out by companies can be biased, half truths, or there is a side of a story that was never put out. Not only that, the media can merely be a sponsor of the corporation that owns that media. There are ways where Monopolization of Media can negatively influence us as consumers. When corporations buy media, it effects what the media publishes since corporations control them. This results in whatever the media puts out from the corporations, we, the consumers, would believe their side of the story they bring out. Secondly, if a corporation owns more than one medium, it is increasingly difficult to really know all the possible sides of the story that is published. Lastly, media can tend to be biased, half truths, or hidden stories that were never brought out. This makes us consumers less informed on whats the situation in the story that is published and believe the side of what the media publishes.

What’s more important is less monopolization of media rather than less regulation on media businesses. Reason why is because if a corporation owns more than one media, there would be less variety of how a story is viewed and published. If there was less monopolization of media, more of the story’s sides can be viewed, creating variety. Consumers can be more informed of the situation of a story by know many sides since there is less partisanship. More stories can be covered and not hidden if corporations didn’t buy so much of media.