“ -Jules, can I stay today at your place
- Promise that you will not kiss me
-I promise
-Promise, that we will not have sex
-I promise
-Ok, you can”

We didn’t talk for an year, no news, no post, no facebook friends,we knew about each other lives almost nothing. And then we met for coffee, and wake up together in the morning. No love, no sex, nothing, just friends. And I didn’t belive in friendship between men and women, but maybe it is possible? Maybe there is a small invisible line or area where you really could be friends, without any feeling. Maybe this world is not so cynical and real friendship exists? What if it is really cool just to talk, laugh together, dance, listen music and share you crazy ideas. Why everyone thinks that just girls could be friends? Who knows, but I am glad that he came back in my life. And we are just friends for sure.

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