The Trouble with Hot Guys.

Ewww… no offense, but this reminds me of (or maybe rekindles?) my own insecurities about height, which IQC through okcupid BETA (2006-ish) and beyond taught me meant a whole lot more than… what was it again? “Good looks”? Being photogenic? Neoteny? LOL.

I’m not trying to pick a fight. I guess I’m just observing that the shallowness you speak of seems to correlate a whole better with above-average height than with looks. And we all know that well-nigh every woman has a unique, personal quirk, where she (and no-one else besides her) happens to like the tallest 5% of guys while snubbing the rest.

Moving on, maybe I don’t network with the right people, but it just seems awfully difficult to find tall people with opinions in general. Their relative inability to get worked up about anything is infuriating. I think one of the other commenters was onto something regarding personality development, where if someone is too ‘hot’ — for whatever reason, whether it’s cheekbones or height — they simply won’t get tested to the same extent as everyone else.

By the way, I think you might be lying just a little bit about your own efforts on those horrible dates. Surely, you weren’t trying to actually communicate something by twirling your hair when you were bored?

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