Men Dump Their Anger Into Women
Emma Lindsay

Is that a giant earthquake in Japan? Or just Freud rolling in his grave? So far, even Coca Cola has failed at projecting their brand onto the Moon. Maybe you could sell them your secret?

Seriously, what a load of codswallop! While I do believe you had some good points interspersed among the nonsense, it’s those little turds that ruin the punch bowl. For one thing, how convenient (for 3rd-4th wave feminist women) that prison statistics are such a great mirror of society’s values! 80% men this… 90% men that… When it comes to violence, it’s always the men, isn’t it? It’s almost as if we lived in a gynocentric society where feminism is the mainstream… Who’d of thought? And what about the various other ways in which people can be violated? Emotional abuse? Manipulation? Parasitism? You know, all that stuff that women are far more sophisticated and sneaky at, compared to men?

And how convenient that most of the shit (evil) women do doesn’t count as “crime”! It’s very telling how feminists allude to boring prison statistics, when it suits them. And in the same breath they complain about “rape culture”, basically giving the finger to the entire fucking justice system spending billions of dollars to prevent rapes from occurring in society! The problems in society are always somebody else’s fault. It’s always somebody else (read: men) not doing enough. Right?

“unpaid emotional labor

Gimme a break. This is almost as bad as the feminist propaganda (and pervasive lie) that buying a house and looking after it is “work” rather than an expensive hobby. It IS a hobby. Don’t try to tell me it’s not. Likewise, a bit of personal responsibility wouldn’t go amiss when it comes to relationships. If you feel a need to micro-manage your partner’s feelings because he might otherwise get violent, then what the hell were you thinking in the first place?! Get the hell out of there.

“In my personal life, I remember a man telling me that women should reject men’s sexual advances in a way that won’t hurt the man’s feelings.”

Well that’s funny! I recall plenty of frustrating rejections when I was younger, where the women would be insufferable bitches: always too subtle, always stringing me along in the name of “sparing my feelings”, or silently expecting me to do all the groundwork. Are you sure a man told you that? You see, the real rejection is cruelly assuming that you have to protect men’s feelings because they won’t be able to handle it.

Instead of just saying “I’m not interested”, you’re actually saying “I’m not interested AND I think you’re too weak and pathetic to handle me being blunt about it, so I’m just going to be super nice and subtle, my dear rose petal!” TBH I think you’ve made up a lot of excuses to avoid being upfront with guys. The risk of violence is a classic one that I’ve heard many times before. It’s understandable that women are afraid that they might get physically hurt, but that’s name of the game. You seem to be in denial about your greed. You want all the perks of being with a man — money, sex, companionship, everything — but none of the risk.

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