Announcing the Arrival of Gaming’s Future from BlaCat

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The $100bn global gaming industry was once a hotbed of entrepreneurial, collaborative small teams. I was part of gaming’s hyper-growth innovative phase. I led the development of top game 3D and Web3D engines and developed many game products that collectively generated $100m in revenues. These games included MU (奇迹来了), RO (仙境物语) and Yulgang (热血江湖).

Then the industry consolidated into a small group of large players who controlled the gaming value chain from development to distribution.

The flexible, collaborative small team culture of the gaming industry disappeared and with it, user-driven innovation. Great ideas without access to large, expensive development teams and significant funding were simply pushed to the sidelines.

Today I see the future and the return of the exciting entrepreneurial culture that prevailed during gaming’s most exciting phases. To borrow a phrase from the early days of the internet, for gaming, the blockchain changes everything. I am jumping right back into the gaming business because it now has the potential to be the place where innovation takes place in a level playing field where the best ideas win at every stage of gaming development, rollout and usage. FunJumping will be a catalyst.

First, we are going to raise $10m of funding through a Digital Security Offering (DSO). The DSO will be in compliance with securities regulations, transparent in its disclosure and tradeable on one or more credible regulated ATS platforms. Any accredited investor can be part of this. FunJumping will be totally independent, not beholden to investors from the world of “big gaming.”

Pay For Assets — A Revolutionary Gaming Model

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This funding will be used to enhance our BlaCat platform and make it available to all of the most creative minds in gaming. In addition, part of our funding will be used to co-invest and co-create with the independent gaming development community. Our 30-person team will have extensive developer support programs that assist with product development and crowdfunding. The success of these new games will be our success. As the games attract players and bring in revenue from subscriptions, asset purchase/trading and advertising then FunJumping’s revenue share goes directly to our DSO investors through their rights to share in our revenues. The gaming community gets to retain the bulk of its revenue and can reinvest in more new ideas.

Finally, although I think everyone wins here, the biggest winners could be the 700 million gamers themselves. No longer are they marooned in some “big game” or hardware platform unable to take the assets they have accumulated with them. Now they can use our blockchain-based platform to trade the assets they have built up and move on to new games where they are no longer starting from scratch. If they like the way the independent gaming ecosystem is developing and they want to be part of its financial potential, then they can invest in FunJumping itself. They get to share in the revenues as long as we are independent and if we are ever sold or go public, their rights convert directly into ownership of the business. I think this truly is a new and inspiring era for the gaming industry and all the participants. I am glad to be part of it.

About the Author

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Sean Chen, Founder and CEO of FunJumping Inc.

Sean Chen is the CEO of FunJumping Inc. As part of gaming’s hyper-growth innovative phase, he led the development of top game 3D and Web3D engines. He developed many game products that have collectively generated $100m in revenues. These games include MU (奇迹来了), RO (仙境物语) and Yulgang (热血江湖).

Today Sean plans to lead the disruption of the “big gaming” industry with the BlaCat, FunJumping’s blockchain based gaming community platform. Using the power of the distributed ledger/blockchain, Sean’s company will usher in access to development resources and funding for small teams with great ideas.

Visit, where the Company’s Offering Memorandum, the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and other information are available. You can also visit the Company’s social media platforms on Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Telegram and others. No information other than contained in the Offering Memorandum or the exhibits incorporated into the Offering Memorandum may be relied upon in making an investment decision.

The offer and sale of the foregoing securities are being made in a transaction not involving a public offering and have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) or applicable state securities laws. Accordingly, the securities may not be reoffered or resold in the United States except pursuant to an effective registration statement or an applicable exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act and such applicable state securities laws.

The BCS represent an equity interest in the Company. The BCS are not a digital currency, crypto-currency or a commodity. Holders of the BCS are not entitled to any utility from the BCS.

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