BlaCat founder Sean Chen attended the NEO Seattle Dev Conference and shared the latest new of platform

NEO DevCon 2019 was held in Seattle, USA from February 16th to 17th. The founder of BlaCat, Sean Chen, attended the conference and delivered a speech that building and publishing blockchain games with BlaCat.

Sean mentioned in his speech that the blockchain allows game assets to be chained, traded, and changed. The embedded wallet can realize cross-platform transactions and perform virtual asset management and other functions. Gamers can also benefit from trading and game assets at any time, which also contributes to the continued growth of the blockchain game industry. At the same time, he revealed that the BlaCat platform will be released in March, and a number of awarded games in the first NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition will also be launched on the platform as scheduled.

BlaCat founder Sean Chen

From May to August last year, BlaCat held first Blockchain Game Development Competition. During the competition, more than 200 teams from all over the world signed up and finally 39 awards were announced. Some of them have attracted widespread attention before the official launch, such as the UGC card gameCardMaker which started 5 different pre-sales and the stimulation game Neo.Girl which was spoken highly of website TAPTAP.

In addition to the speech, he also participated in the blockchain game round table on the 17th. When asked about the difference between the R&D operation of the blockchain game and the conventional game, he said that the blockchain is an open source project and the core team can be changed at any time. Due to assets and community incentives, new core developers constantly join each game and game community.


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