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Dec 10, 2018 · 2 min read

In the world of blockchain, digital wallet is an important infrastructure. With the outbreak of blockchain games, the competition for digital wallets has become increasingly fierce. As the basic token management platform, digital wallet is not only an indispensable tool for playing games, but also a guarantee for asset security. Today, we will talk about the embedding wallet of the blockchain game platform BlaCat.

Relationships between Platform, DAPP and digital wallet

Before talking about the wallet, let’s briefly explain the relationship between BlaCat, DApp, and digital wallet to better understand the role of the embedding wallet.

The core of BlaCat is more like a distributed transaction engine that encrypts and seals transaction and then saves it in a time-ordered distributed ledger.

For BlCat, DAPP is the external interface of the platform. Through smart contracts, human-computer interaction, etc., data will be recorded and saved in the blockchain.

When a game player interacts with DAPP, it needs a public key and a private key. The management tool of public and private key is the digital wallet. Therefore, you need to interact with DAPP on the BlaCat platform through the wallet tool. However, wallet technology is still in the developing stage, it requires user to have basic knowledge, including digital currency cognition, transaction between different platforms, and the wallet registration and so on. The emergence of the BlaCat embedding wallet makes it easy to operate.

BlaCat embedding wallet: easy to use, easy to develop

For players, BlaCat provides them with an embedding wallet inside the game. Players can complete transactions in different currencies and manage virtual assets in the wallet, and do not need to install complex plug-ins, which greatly reduces the technical threshold for many blockchain freshmen. In addition, the BlaCat wallet also realizes the decentralized trading system. In-game player assets will be protected by smart contracts, and all information will be stored in the blockchain.

For game developers, BlaCat provides them with a wallet SDK (software development kit) that allows conventional game developers to quickly access to BlaCat, which greatly reduces the cost and difficulty of game development.

Today, the BlaCat wallet has been finished its beta in early July 2018 and successfully accessed a number of games in the NEO Game Development Competition. We believe that BlaCat wallet will be applied to more games and will bring more convenience to blockchain players and game developers.


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