NEO.Girl, a new blockchain gaming experience of having your own VR girlfriend

Recently, the BlaCat blockchain gaming platform ( announced that NEO.Girl, developed by YYMOON Network, has been confirmed to be launched in November together with the platform. The game itself won the Art Award on August 31 this year in the First NEO Game Development Competition.

NEO.Girl is a simulation game and the background story is about a crazy scientist Dr. Wattman who developed a virtual girl named Luna. Luna is an artificial intelligence girl who can talk, eat, exercise, and do anything that humans can do. Players are to interact with Luna to develop a friendship.

Three reasons for selecting NEO.Girl:

In the face of a large number of similar type of blockchain games in the market, NEO.Girl offers a new gaming experience.

1. Players need to take care of Luna’s daily life activities, such as managing her wardrobe, foods and all kinds of other items for her.

2. Player can continuously collect Love Bubbles and Diamonds (non-blockchain virtual currency in the game which can be used to purchase in-game props) to increase her fondness. The higher her attachment level, the more items and stories can be unlocked.

3. The game character is very appealing and each expression and action was generated with the latest motion capture system which makes Luna even more life like in the game.


The game includes various uniforms, pajamas, swimwear, sportswear and other clothing to dress up your Luna character.


The clothing owned by the players in the game are virtual assets. Players can purchase limited kinds to dress up Luna through the Trading Mall, invest in those rare clothing items and sell them so as to earn money.

The development team will regularly add limited clothing items in the Trading Mall and players can use GAS to purchase these items and also upload clothing they may have designed. NEO.Girl aims to establish a free built-in Trading Mall in the future.

About NEO.Girl:

NEO.Girl is a core mobile phone game developed on the groundworks of VR girlfriend which combines blockchain technology with VR tech. NEO.Girl will launch a total of 4000 sets of limited edition clothing items and the built-in Trading Mall will allow the users to buy and sell these clothes. As the growth in the total number of users increases, the value of the limited edition clothes will continue to rise, then eventually the players will be able to profit if wanting to sell them.

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