ZoroChain: Response speed is more important than TPS

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Dec 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Last year, the network congestion caused by the blockchain game Cryptokitties was a time that many will not forget. Because of that event, more and more developers are focusing on the TPS speed and most of them think that as long as the TPS is upgraded, the experience of blockchain games will be greatly improved.

What is TPS?

TPS is a property of a public chain and the abbreviation stands for transactions per second.

Does TPS really determine the user experience?

TPS represents the average number of transactions that can be processed per second. Therefore, compared to boosting the TPS, increasing the response speed of the game is a more effective method to meet the user’s needs.

In order to better serve game users, the blockchain game platform BlaCat has developed a side chain solution, ZoroChain, which greatly improves the game response speed.

What is ZoroChain?

To address the response speed requirement of on-chain operations in a DApp game, ZoroChain provides a blockchain technology batch solution developed for high-speed DApps. This includes parallel application chain groups that are easily expanded and rich middleware templates on that basis such that each DApp may quickly access a public blockchain via an independent and efficient parallel application link to publish assets. The assets may be traded and circulated between parallel application chains and the public blockchain.

ZoroChain parallel application chain was developed based on NEO and adopts a NEOVM+.NetCore Plugin scalable version virtual machine as the smart contract virtual machine. ZoroChain does not develop underlying chains but takes the NEO public blockchain as the underlying chain and meanwhile provides a root chain that interacts with the NEO public blockchain. In short, ZoroChain is a high-performance side chain based on NEO blockchain, which speeds up the game’s response speed and solves the problem of long transaction confirmation times and any network congestion.

Main features of ZoroChain

According to Sean Chen, founder of BlaCat, ZoroChain has the following three key features:

1. Application Chain Group: Provides application chains that may be quickly deployed based on root chains. Each DApp application corresponds to one application chain and respective application chains concurrently process their own transactions to avoid any transaction jams.

2. Instant Block Generation: The block generation time of the application chain is counted in milliseconds. A fast and efficient consensus algorithm enables a quick response to a transaction request. The ZoroChain substantially satisfies the required instant block generation.

3. Expandable Smart Contract Virtual Machine: The BlaCat application chain integrates with an expandable smart contract virtual machine. The virtual machine allows users to expand smart contract functions with Plugins, where the Plugins are examined and supervised by the community.

By the beginning of 2019, ZoroChain will be installed on the BlaCat platform and will enter the testing phase which is expected to reach response speeds in the milliseconds. In the long run, the application chain, game application modules and the ZoroChain source code will become the most widely used blockchain game technology in the world.


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