blackVPN OpenVPN users need to update now! Windows + OS X + Linux + Android + iOS.

Due to the critical Heartbleed bug we have new encryption keys and VPN configs. It’s important that everyone using OpenVPN updates now to stay secure.

Only people using OpenVPN need to update.

If you are connecting to blackVPN with OpenVPN on Windows, Mac OS X (Tunnelblick), Linux, Android or iOS then you need to update now. Anyone using L2TP/IPSec or PPTP can ignore this update.

Updates due to the critical Heartbleed bug.

The Heartbleed bug effects web, email, instant messaging and VPN services. It has recently been proven that Heartbeat can steal the private keys from a VPN server — which could potentially be used to perform man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM) and compromise your privacy.

We already secured all of our VPN servers against this bug on March 8th as soon as the news was released.

We cannot be certain that the attack was not used against us before the bug was disclosed — so to be on the safe side we have to
switch to new encryption keys.

We have been very busy updating all VPN servers with new keys and encryption methods. Most of the work has been behind the scenes in updating all of our VPN servers, regenerating keys, plus improving the encryption and VPN settings. These are changes we’ve wanted to do for a while — and since the critical Heartbleed bug means that everyone needs to update their VPN configuration anyway — we’ve taken this opportunity to make blackVPN better and more secure.

It was vital not to rush these important updates and to make sure they are done properly — even big companies have made mistakes in dealing with Heartbleed.

blackVPN is now more reliable and secure.

Our new VPN configs make your VPN more secure and more reliable — even behind firewalls on free WiFi at your Work/School/Hotel. Port 443 is now the default port for connecting to blackVPN and this is will make it easier to connect for most people.

OpenVPN + Tunnelblick will now use ports less likely to be blocked and will retry different ports/protocols until they find a path to blackVPN. This will all happen automatically without you needing to do anything.

We also upgraded our encryption to 4096 bit RSA + Diffie Hellman keys for higher security. This is the best encryption offered by any VPN.

blackVPN is now easier to setup.

To make it as easy as possible for everyone we’ve created awesome new step-by-step setup guides to help you through the process. The new guides are available for Mac OS X, Windows 8.x, Windows 7/Vista and Windows XP.

blackVPN still
works on all devices.
A screenshot from our new step-by-step setup guide for Windows 8.

What YOU need to do now!

Visit our website and reinstall our easy installer for OpenVPN (Windows) or Tunnelblick (Mac OS X) or follow the setup guides for Linux, Android or iOS (iPad/iPhone). Mac OS X users should also uninstall the old version to delete the old VPN configurations.

The new versions are patched against Heartbleed and include the new configuration files which use our new encryption keys and VPN ports.

Advanced users who prefer the open source versions of OpenVPN and Tunnelblick should update their software and visit our downloads page for the latest VPN configuration files.

We’re giving everyone time to switch to the new setup, so the old encryption keys and VPN port will stay open for a while. Once most users have updated we’ll block the old ports and revoke the keys and certificates.

Thanks for supporting blackVPN!

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