New Gigabit VPN Servers

We’ve added faster VPN servers
to our most popular VPN locations…

USA (east + west coasts)
United Kingdom
The Netherlands

Our existing VPN servers will still give you the best speeds of any premium VPN service — since we have more capacity than we need on each VPN location.

Since home and mobile internet speeds are only getting faster,
we’re updating our infrastructure too.

Switzerland and Luxembourg will also be upgraded soon. We’ll also be refreshing our other VPN locations with faster servers depending on the availability in each country.

Get higher quality video and less buffering when you unblock TV
sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and many more with our
new USA and UK high-speed VPNs.

Zero Configuration.
Connect Automatically.

The changes will be in our DNS system — the system that translates a server name like into an IP address like — so there are no updates required on your side. However, it may take a few hours for the changes to appear in the DNS of your internet service.

Do P2P safely and
download faster with
our high-speed VPNs
in Canada and
The Netherlands.

For Maximum Performance & Privacy
We Only Use Dedicated Servers
On All Our VPN Locations.

Some VPNs are using Virtual Private Servers (VPS) — also known as Cloud or Virtual servers — for their VPN nodes. These are shared computers which generally have slower performance and network speeds will impact your VPN performance. These are also physically less secure since they are running in a virtual environment where it is trivial to take a snapshot of the servers memory and state and make a copy for later analysis.

We always use dedicated servers — stored in highly secure data centres — that are only used as VPN servers for blackVPN supporters. Since we’re running on bare-metal hardware our servers are physically more secure.

Unblock Video On All Our VPN Locations

In this video we are connected with blackVPN to Luxembourg yet we are able to stream video which would normally be blocked. Unblock Netflix USA, Hulu and BBC iPlayer from ALL our VPNs without needing to change your VPN location to the USA or UK.

What is a VPN?

A guide to Virtual Private Networks, software setup, VPN routers, unblocking websites, watching TV online, staying private plus an overview of blackVPN.



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