New VPN Location: USA-Central

We’ve added another VPN location in the USA.

All customers who purchased our Global or TV packages automatically have access to the new server. New users who join now can access the USA-Central VPN server if they choose our TV or Global package.

Downloading copyright material using P2P/bittorrent is NOT allowed on our USA servers — instead connect to our other Privacy VPN locations including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

VPN Speed Test

We tested the download speeds using a Vultr server in Chicago and were able to download a 1GB .iso image from Microsoft at 107 Mbps using HTTP.

See more VPN speed test results on our Twitter feed:

Unblock American Netflix and UK BBC iPlayer

Connect to our VPN server in the Norway and you can automatically access these streaming video sites which normally require you to connect to the USA or UK VPNs.

Use your Netflix account to access Netflix USA and unlock 1000’s of titles on Netflix USA not available on your local Netflix region.

Watch your favourite British TV shows, documentaries and sports on BBC iPlayer — like Top Gear, EastEnders, The Syndicate and many more.

We Only Use Dedicated Servers

All of our VPN servers are running on bare metal dedicated hardware. This means it is a physical machine where the memory, hard drive, processing power and network access are all 100% dedicated to blackVPN.

Update your Windows, Mac OS & Android clients and your iOS & Linux VPN configs now.

A screenshot from our Android app.

Visit our website to grab the latest version of our apps for Windows and Mac OS (compatible with the new MacOS Sierra).

Visit the Play Store to get the latest version of our Android app.

Updated VPN configs are also available for other devices like iOS and Linux.

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